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Barb  is about “bringing people together.”    She believes that when we each use our skills and talents for the greater good we create a richer whole – that we can, in fact,  create a vibrant global community
Passionately interested in women’s leadership, Barbara has led Capacity-Building Workshops for women for over 20 years.  She has convened a number of Conversation Circles in Johannesburg, Shanghai, Beijing and Seattle, also in Ecuador and Turkey,  where women gathered to discuss this topic “What is the role of women in creating healthy, thriving global communities?”

Her professional experience bridges the corporate and academic worlds, including twelve years as Director of Education in the telecommunications industry, and more than 15 years of university teaching.  Her commitment to nurture the emerging understanding of our global interdependence is the foundation of her teaching and writing.

She was co-founder of the Global Issues and Perspectives lecture series at Antioch University, and  has taught master’s level students in the U.S., Germany, Romania and China.  While at Antioch, Barbara directed the Project, Developing Women’s Leadership ~ Around the Globe.  This Project involved grass-roots women leaders in Ethiopia, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Vietnam.  Highlight of this Project may be found at Barbara’s web site: http://www.womenleadingtheway.com/womens-leadership-project.html

Moreso, Barbara Spraker conceived the vision of the Pan-African Women’s Summit and decided to share it with her Friend and Mentee Oluwadamilola Olaogbebikan (Founder of Banner Unto Nations Foundation)

Oluwadamilola has since embraced the vision and she is the convener and facilitator of the Pan-African Women’s Summit holding on March 7th- March 10th 2019 “The event”

The Pan-African Women’s Summit is proudly sponsored by Women Leading the Way organization http://womenleadingtheway.com/