Operation Feed – COVID ’19

COVID-19 is not just an health crisis, but poses great threat to food security. In Nigeria, quite a number of people have tested positive and the number is on the rise daily hence the need for an immediate lock down of activities and mobility since virus has no legs; people do. This singular positive reaction however has led to a serious issue of food shortage and malnutrition. Support BUNF today so as to provide food security to the unreached during these period of mobility sacrifice.

Train a child initiative

We provide support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children including Children with Disabilities. We give educational scholarships and take care of academic related expenses. Ensuring that they can achieve their full potentials irrespective of factors deterring them. Quite a number of children have benefitted from this initiative and more will. Join Banner Unto Nations Foundation (BUNF) in changing the narrative of the uneducated African child by donating.

Re-usable Sanitary Pad

We are confronting the painful reality of girls being unable to afford sanitary towels. Such a basic necessity shouldn’t be a luxury. BUNF has developed a well-researched and feedback-based Reusable Sanitary Pad made from local environmentally friendly material. We train girls on the manufacturing process. Support us to change the narrative of girls missing school or developing a septic infection due to their inability to afford a sanitary pad.

EriOluwa Project

This project tackles the sad reality of vulnerable pregnant women. Women who can’t afford primary health care, ante-natal care and those who have complicated health issues during pregnancy. BUNF seeks to provide reproductive health assistance and ascertain free health service to pregnant women who can’t afford it. Join us we preserve the next generation by combating the high rates of neo-natal and maternal mortality rates in Nigeria through your donation.