About BUNF

Our Vision

Proffering sustainable solution to environmental, social and economic challenges in West Africa.

In the face of socio-economic challenges, people often tend to treat issues in isolation and come up with quick fixes that obviously hold the fort for a while but do not achieve sustainable eradication of the problems. Symptoms are most times treated and the root-causes of challenges are not identified. Banner Unto Nations (BUN) Foundation plan on systemically identifying interconnected factors that plague our communities through humble inquiry and collaboration to come about long lasting community based solutions.

We are presently engaging communities in Nigeria and hope to subsequently spread to other parts of West Africa.

BUN Foundation objectives are as follows:

  1. Provide sustainable educational and health services to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)  
  2. Ensure holistic reproductive health assistance to pregnant women and work towards decreasing foetal and infant mortality
  3. Provide psychosocial support for abused girls and women
  4. Create awareness around sex trafficking and collaborate with the Nigerian government in its prevention
  5. Economically empower disadvantaged girls / women through skill acquisition programs
  6. Embark on creative and systemic approach to bring about inclusive health and educational services to the physically challenged
  7. To Create awareness on the environmental impacts of oil spillage and its ripple effect on communal health, economic development and social stability

In short: 7-point agenda

  1. Sustainable educational and health services for OVCs
  2. Holistic reproductive health assistance for pregnant women
  3. Psychosocial support for abused girls
  4. Awareness and prevention of sex trafficking
  5. Economic empowerment for disadvantaged girls / women
  6. Inclusive educational for children with disability
  7. Awareness and fight against oil spillage and environmental pollution